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About The Lazy Goblins

8 skilled and lucky designers are vying for their dream job: a paid internship designing Magic: The Gathering cards for Wizards of the Coast. Every round, their creations will be judged by Mark Rosewater, Melissa DeTora, Erik Lauer, and others in a quest to win The Great Designer Search. Every round, they’ll all be judged by The Lazy Goblins as Jesse Mason and James Dykes take a humorous yet critical look at the cards and the judges. All this without asking you to illustrate cards, book flights, or script MTGO log gathering.

Jesse probably isn’t going to work for Wizards. Back in GDS2 era, this hit him pretty hard. Now, he’s okay with it. Instead, he’s writing about Magic, including the big project Kill Reviews, a series of essays reviewing Magic’s design from the start of the game through Theros. His favorite card is Llanowar Elves, and he’s played Elves in every conceivable format, and some formats that are only conjectures. Follow his writing at, Twitter @KillGoldfish, and give him money on Patreon.

James definitely isn’t going to work for Wizards. A two-time Pro Tour competitor, he got sick of the grind when Elo was abolished in favor of the Planeswalker Points PT season. A fan of classic video games, he joined up with friends as part of the After The Fact Podcast. His favorite card is Mana Tithe, loves land destruction, and hates when opponents are having fun. Follow him on Twitter @StillHadThese or on Twitch.