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Episode 3: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Tribal, Tribal Again

Episode 3: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Tribal, Tribal Again
The Lazy Goblins

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The Lazy Goblins step into the world of Horrors, Oozes, Shamen, Aetherborn, Imps, Rogues, Samurai, and Insects! It’s a challenge dedicated to the lesser known tribes of Magic, and for at least one of our contestants, maybe it should have stayed lesser known. Who gets the dreaded GAME OVER text on GDS3’s highly readable webpage?

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  1. Dorian
    Dorian May 23, 2018

    I’m really enjoying your analysis and looking forward to further episodes!

    One note tho: my understanding is Chris Mooney is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, which may be a thing to keep in mind for future recording sessions?

    • James Dykes
      James Dykes May 23, 2018

      Hey, thanks for the kudos! I’m glad you’re enjoying the episodes!

      I did not know that about Chris and will make sure to get a correction into the next recording for them. I’m really enjoying their work so far. Thanks for the heads up!

      – James

  2. Christopher
    Christopher May 24, 2018

    By the way, multiple people did pick Oozes. Jay was the second one.

    • James Dykes
      James Dykes May 24, 2018

      Thanks for the information! I’m not surprised by that, Oozes seem to be the creature type with the most open scope for developing gameplay. I wonder if any of the designers built the gameplay they were looking for first, then chose a creature type to fit.

      – James

      • Christopher
        Christopher May 25, 2018

        No problem; I found it buried in the Magic article. Looking forward to the next episode! Playtesting for Jeremy was a lot of fun, and it’s really interesting to finally see other people discussing his cards.

  3. Dirdle
    Dirdle May 25, 2018

    It seems like dunking on the judges is going to be much harder than for GDS2 without a certain Simon Cowell wannabe, which is a shame. Loving the content nonetheless =).

    • James Dykes
      James Dykes May 25, 2018

      As long as we don’t have a judge talking about one of the contestants booking flights for everyone, it’s a net positive in my book. Glad you’re enjoying the podcast!

      – James

  4. Oliver
    Oliver May 30, 2018

    This is great, and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series.

    One thing that strikes me as odd is the emphasis on keeping things as simple as possible for new players, such as, e.g. ” ‘Activating abilities’ is a very mechanical concept and one that beginning players shouldn’t be asked to understand to play casual Magic.”
    –Maybe I’m just weird, but I don’t know understand why just having activating abilities is so taboo for newbies? You get creatures who can can do more things than just attack. That’s cool! There are finicky things that come up at higher levels, but having your creatures cast their own spells is so flavorful and fun I don’t understand why you’d want to limit it to “more experienced” players.

    • Christopher
      Christopher May 30, 2018

      As I understand it, the problem is asking new players to understand the difference between activating an ability versus triggering an ability, which is something that Jay’s cards require.

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