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Episode 4: Little Trouble at the Big Top

Episode 4: Little Trouble at the Big Top
The Lazy Goblins

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Step right up, everybody, one and all, and take a look at the highwire act the remaining 7 contenders in the Great Designer Search 3 gave to us in a circus themed challenge that has Jesse and James wondering if we could just do this without MaRo? No, for real, can we cut this challenge and MaRo’s judging out from the contest? Will anyone make anything memorable? Is a Unicycle a Vehicle or an Equipment? When the circus pulls up stakes, who’s left holding their designs?

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  1. Christopher
    Christopher May 29, 2018

    I think the throwing knife problem might be making sure you hit with the blade and not the handle? That’s definitely a problem that card has, at any rate.

    Jeremy’s card is called Three Rings because, like a three ring circus, you’re showing off three acts at once. I liked this card a lot, but yeah, it needed a way to get rid of itself once you’re choosing between 3 lands. I got blinded by how much I liked the card’s concept and didn’t provide great feedback on it (other than that a certain kind of Johnny would love this card).

  2. Sam Hopkins
    Sam Hopkins May 30, 2018

    Huh, I really liked the idea of form of the Human Cannonball. It’s true it was underpowered but that could be fixed in various ways without totally redesigning it.

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